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Quality of Mevlana OP1 Tea

Quality by far is the single most significant aspect when it comes to tea. Because it makes the imperative difference in regards to taste, colour, flavour, aroma and health benefits. It’s all about sipping a ‘true cup’ that’s seeping with character and appeal; its matchless quality surpasses all other teas, making it the connoisseurs’ sophisticated choice.

Mevlana Pure Ceylon Tea consists of OP1 (Orange Pekoe 1), the most superior grade of Orthodox Tea which is Long, Wiry and slightly twisted. This unblended tea producers a light golden reddish colour, with a rich, instinctively wild aroma and delicate lighter taste. Not forgetting that this is the original Mevlana tea that has stood the test of time, making it the all time favourite amongst the robust Turkish tea consumers around the world. In fact we are talking of three decades of brand excellence! Furthermore, it comes directly from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), the magical tea island where it is grown for over 150 years, processed and packed within the shortest possible time directly to the consumer pack (which no other could match) so as to retain the freshness and vital health benefits.

OP1 Black Tea by Mevlana Ceylon Tea


The procedure of manufacturing commences when the leaves are 'plucked'. Plucking demands refinement, skill and nimbleness and is thus carried out mostly by the women folk. This calls for topmost foliage on every stem to be picked – the famous 'two leaves and a bud' – and the stem itself must be left unharmed. A skilled tea-plucker can collect up to 20 kg (44 lbs) of leaf on a daily basis.


At the factory, the raw leaf is weighed. The total weight is then documented for the day's batch providing a benchmark for quality appraisal at the end of the process of manufacture. The next step after weighing is laying the tea out for withering.


The raw leaf is then spread out to dry on racks in a well-illuminated and ventilated space. Here it will be kept between 18 to 24 hours where it will start slowly losing moisture and undergoing physical and chemical changes needed for the perfect manufacture. Over-withering can be disastrous, so the process is cautiously monitored, until when about two-thirds of the moisture present in the raw leaf has evaporated.


The withered leaf is now ready for rolling. Rolling is an important mechanized process in which the leaf cells are broken to release enzymes and bring them into contact with air so as to initiate aeration. The bits of broken and rolled leaf called dhools are then broken up and sifted before aeration sets in.


During this important stage of manufacture, significant chemical reactions take place through the action of air on the leaf tissue. Next the rolled, broken leaf is laid out on tables and left uncovered for a period that differs between 20 minutes to five hours, depending on a diversity of factors, including the kind of final product that is desired. The withered tea leaf bears a corroded, coppery orange colour which are the typical characters of Mevlana Pure Ceylon tea. Again, timing is critical. Under-aerated tea tastes raw and green, over-aerated tea is soft and tasteless. This critical process of Mevlana Pure Ceylon tea is also known as 'fermentation' or 'oxidation'.


When the right amount of aeration or oxidation has occurred, the leaf is dried in a 'firing chamber' at 99 -104 ˚C (210 -220˚ F), this prevents further chemical changes taking place. It shrinks and darkens the leaf, resulting in the product known as OP1 Black tea. This is the final stage in the actual manufacturing process.


Manufactured tea is graded by leaf size using a mechanical sifter. OP1 grade comprise the largest pieces; 'broken' grades are sequentially smaller which is not used in our tea. OP1 tea is the highest tea quality that is sorted from the grading which is used in every pack of Mevlana Pure Ceylon tea. We give deep emphasis to select only the wiry & twisted leaf which is our hallmark for the tea quality.


To ensure uniformity of appearance, free from broken leaf, excellent coppery colour combined with flavour each Mevlana Pure Ceylon tea pack is assured of its high standards.