Mevlana Tea, OP 1 Ceylon Black Tea – Original Mevlana Ceylon Black Tea grown, produced and packed in Sri Lanka – Only Mevlana Tea with quality guaranteed by Ceylon Tea Lion logo

OP1 Black Tea by Mevlana Ceylon Tea

It’s the tea over the generations by choice! Every sip tells a story of long ago when generations of Turks taught the world how to recognize and enjoy a true cup of tea! With Mevlana Pure Ceylon Tea you can re-experience the good old days once again. Every pack of Mevlana Pure Ceylon Tea is stamped with excellence – certified by – a symbol of quality for truly Sri Lankan tea that confirms the product of distinction!

Guarantee of Mevlana Tea

OP1 Black Tea by Mevlana Ceylon Tea

Grown in Sri Lanka

Mountains shrouded in carpets of green, enhanced by the cool misty breeze and tropical sunshine. Pure Ceylon Tea known as the world’s finest for centuries!

OP1 Black Tea by Mevlana Ceylon Tea

Produced in Sri Lanka

Every step of the process is handled with dedication and care! Experienced personal mixed with skilful techniques and a proud heritage; it’s the perfect blend!

OP1 Black Tea by Mevlana Ceylon Tea

Packed in Sri Lanka

Packed within the shortest possible time directly to the consumer pack of Mevlana Pure Ceylon Tea so to capture and preserve the true essence of the tea. Its straight from the tea fields, fresh and no other could match.

Quality of Our OP1 Tea

A superior grade that consists of the two leaves and a bud, delicately handpicked by the fingertips of skilled labour so as not to bruise the leaf, thereafter meticulously processed to retain it’s true taste and aroma. It’s a whole leaf tea that’s waiting to be relished!

OP1 Black Tea by Mevlana Ceylon Tea

Mevlana Pure Ceylon Tea

It’s the Original Tea that originates from the Origin itself!