Mevlana Tea, OP 1 Ceylon Black Tea – Original Mevlana Ceylon Black Tea grown, produced and packed in Sri Lanka – Only Mevlana Tea with quality guaranteed by Ceylon Tea Lion logo

Story of Mevlana Ceylon Tea

Mevlana Pure Ceylon Tea is produced, processed and packed in its entirety in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) giving you the prospect of tasting an authentic cup of Pure Ceylon tea, from the origin itself.

Mevlana Pure Ceylon Tea boasts of 30 years of Brand Excellence in Europe and Turkey and is committed to more achievements in the future. The two tea professionals and experts in their own fields, spearheads the company. Dinesh Deheragoda, is a Tea Master (a specialist tea taster) with 34 years of experience in the industry who manages the production and exports right here in Sri Lanka and Hamid Yusufov based in Europe handles the Sales and Marketing. Together they ensure you to have every opportunity to share and enjoy some of the finest Ceylon teas, just like the generations before!

30 years of existence

Three decades of world’s finest tea in every pack of Mevlana Pure Ceylon Tea. It’s a brand that has been an all-time favourite of Turks living all over the world, those who insist on drinking Mevlana Pure Ceylon tea rather than teas of other origins. It’s a brand that has grown from strength to strength over the generations and taking the world by storm!.

Grown, Produced & Packed in Sri Lanka

Pure Ceylon Tea has been known for centuries as the finest in the world. If your tea is grown, produced and packed in Sri Lanka, such as Mevlana Pure Ceylon Tea, rest be assured that you have brewed a true cup of the finest tea that’s superior in every aspect.

Brought to you by experienced personnel

When a Tea Master with close to 35 years of experience handles your teas, you can expect only excellence. This combined with expertise in knowing the Turks well for decades to do the Sales and Marketing makes the perfect combination over the others in the market.

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